UFC 136 Co-Main Event Result: Jose Aldo wins over Kenny Florian via unanimous decision

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Jose Aldo (left) and Kenny Florian
Image Credit: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Jose Aldo retained his title as the champion of the Featherweight Division, after winning against Kenny Florian in UFC 136 co-main event at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on Saturday night, October 08, 2011 via unanimous decision.

According to international sports sites, all three judges gave a score of 49-46 for Aldo after seeing him better than Florian when the fight went to the ground.

In the first round, Kenny Florian has reportedly given inside kicks to Jose Aldo. He clinched him against the fence and landed him an elbow strike.

Jose Aldo seemed to have stepped out of the way from another single-leg kick by Kenny Florian at the second round. He hit him with a sharp inside leg kick, but Florian answered the same. They clinched against the fence.

In the third round of the fight, Aldo landed a nice jab. He gave Florian a two-punch combination and an inside thigh kick. Florian failed in his takedown attempt to Aldo at the fourth round. They clinched against the fence and kept on exchanging kicks and punches.

At the final round, Aldo continued to stand his title. He gave leg kicks and punches to Florian. The challenger seemed to have been caught off-guarded but tried to regain his power.

After battling 25 minutes of the fight, announcerBruce Buffer declared Jose Aldo as the winner, making his MMA record of 20-1.

“It played out great. He’s a very strategic fighter, a smart and experienced guy and I just had to go out there and impose my game,” Jose Aldo was quoted as saying.

“I expected him to pin me against the cage, I watched his fight against B.J. Penn and he did the exact same thing, and I just had to be able to defend it…. He was always looking to take me down,” he added.

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