UFC 135 Main Event Results: Jon “Bones” Jones submits Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

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Jon Jones vs. Quinton Jackson
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Jon “Bones” Jones successfully defended his title against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in Round 4 of UFC 135-main event at Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado on Saturday night, September 24, 2011 according to several sports news sites that day.

Jones came forward in a squat position in which Jackson seemed to be surprised in the beginning of the first round. He reached for Jackson‘s leg when the latter squashed down at him. They settled to tie up against the fences.

Moreover, Jones has reportedly given a spinning elbow and several kicks to Jackson in which he fought back a little. At the final seconds of the first round, Jones avoided almost all of the looping hooks given by Jackson.

At the start of the second round, Jones used outside leg kicks to Jackson. It was said that Jackson tried to escape but Jones caught him in a headlock. At the middle of the round, Jones went giving back outside leg kicks. It seemed that Jackson cannot get into Jones who stroke a turning kick with a side-kick to the midsection. Jones tried to fasten Jackson on a triangle choke but the second round has ended.

On the third round, Jackson threw a few kicks to the inside of Jones‘ right leg, yet he seemed to fail with his punches. In return, Jones kicked the outside of Jackson‘s left leg, then grabbed the same limb and took him down. A flying knee by Jones failed but he lifted Jackson into the air at the last second of the round.

Reports said that they clinched in the middle of the cage at the start of the fourth round. Jones brought Jackson down at the base of the fence. Jackson reportedly turned and Jones instantly jumped on his back. Jones clinched the rear-naked choke palm-to-palm and Jackson was forced to submit at 1 minute and 14 seconds of the round.

“The game plan was to prove I can strike with Quinton Jackson,” Jon Jones was quoted as saying.

“I think we did that,” he added.

Meanwhile, Rampage Jackson still smiled after his loss.

“He’s great,” Jackson was quoted as saying.

“I thought it was hype. The kid is good. I take my hat off to him,” he revealed.

According to reports, Jones will be facing Evans later but further details were not yet been revealed.

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