UFC 135 Co-Main Event Results: Josh Koscheck wins over Matt Hughes via knock-out

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Matt Hughes vs. Josh Koscheck
Image Credit: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Josh Koscheck succeeded Matt Hughes in Round 1 of UFC 135 co-main event at Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado on Saturday night, September 24, 2011 according to several sports news sites that day.

At the start of the first round, both fighters were seemed to be very careful to give punches. Hughes threw a couple of jabs. Koscheck gave combination of strong punches but Hughes defended.

Apparently, Hughes threw a nice left hook to Koscheck, yet, the latter came back with a striking hook to former’s body. Koscheck landed a good uppercut while Hughes tried to make transitions. Koscheck failed on his take down attempts on Hughes.

Hence, Matt Hughes dropped on the floor after several punches given by Koscheck.

At the last minute of the round, Hughes reportedly tried to survive but Koscheck hit him with hammer fists.

Observing the fights in which Hughes was seemed to be hurt and did not fight back, Referee Mario Yamasaki stopped the game with just a second left in the first round and declared Koscheck as the winner.

“I just want to say thanks to Matt Hughes for taking this fight late in his career,” Josh Koscheck was quoted as saying.

“He’s a legend and I’m really proud that I had the opportunity to fight a legend like Matt Hughes,” he revealed.

As announced, Koscheck has a record of 16-5 in his fighting career.

Meanwhile, the Hall of Famer Matt Hughes accepted his loss. The crowd cheered when he announced that he is not yet retiring.

“I’m not retiring,” Hughes was quoted as saying.

“I’m going to tell the UFC to put me up on a shelf and we’ll see what happens after that,” he added.

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