UC logo changed, new logo earns criticisms and petition, University of California defends design

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The new UC logo is currently earning criticisms, insults, and even a petition at Change.org, urging University of California to stop using the said logo, along with a dedicated Facebook page titled ‘Stop the UC logo Change.’ Nevertheless, the university released a statement defending their new design of logo.

“They wanted something that would reflect the innovation, the character of California — just more modern, user-friendly. That’s not to take away from the gravitas of the original seal.” Dianne Klein of UC‘s Office of the President was quoted at Mercury News on Monday, December 10, 2012.

The original UC logo, which is being used by the university for 144 years, depicts an open book, a 1868-date stamp and a “Let there be light” script., while the new logo is notably more simpler with the yellow little “C” being settled inside a blue shield-shaped “U.” University officials noted that the old logo will be still in circulation.

The new UC logo, which the university said was introduced nearly a year ago and has already appeared in websites, brochures, advertising and other places, is now being criticized and mocked, with most observers including students and alumni noting that University of California has chosen a poor design for the new logo.

“The newly designed monogram of the University of California, while attempting to be modern, loses the prestige and elegance of the current seal.” A statement reads at the petition, which was initiated by Reaz Rahman last Saturday, December 8 and now has more than 50,200 signatures.

“Please let your voice be heard and sign this petition to stop the identification of the University of California with the new monogram, and ask the Regents for an alternative solution.” The petition added, noting that the new UC logo does not represent the stature and honor of the University of California.

Meanwhile, the University of California released a statement posted on its official Facebook page, explaining their side on the creation of the new logo, with Jason Simon, the University of California Director, Marketing Communications, also explaining the decision of UC to release a new logo.

“Did we consult people and test it? Of course. And we also used it in a mobile exhibit that stopped at all 10 campuses and nearly 30 other locations throughout California from September through November. More than 60,000 people came to the tour stops, letting their voices be heard on what really matters: ensuring that Californians understand the value and commitment UC has to making our state better.” A statement reads at University of California Facebook page.

“This is not an either/or situation — we are not trading in the seal for the new mark. The seal will continue to be used to represent the UC system. Additionally, this does not replace or take the place of any campus identities. The new mark was created as a part of our broader efforts to build awareness and support for all the things that UC does to make California (and by extension the world) better.” Simon was quoted in a statement.

UC logo old and new
University of California logo: Old (left) and new
Image Credit: University of California

University of California logo transformation
Video Credit: University of California

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