Tyson Tattoo Artist, S. Victor Whitmill Sues Warner Bros. For Copyright Infringement

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S. Victor Whitmill, the tattoo artist who made Mike Tyson‘s tattoo is suing Warner Bros. for copyright infringement, several entertainment news sites reported on Monday.

Apparently, a tattoo similar to Tyson‘s as shown below is used on the upcoming comedy movie “The Hangover: Part II“. Whitmill reportedly said that Warner Bros. did not obtain his permission to use it on the movie.

Mike Tyson Tattoo
Mike Tyson Tattoo as used in “The Hangover: Part II”
Credit: The Daily Telegraph

“When Mr. Whitmill created the Original Tattoo, Mr. Tyson agreed that Mr. Whitmill would own the artwork and thus, the copyright in the Original Tattoo,” the complaint stated, which was reportedly filed last week in federal court in Missouri.

“Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. – without attempting to contact Mr. Whitmill, obtain his permission, or credit his creation – has copied Mr. Whitmill’s Original Tattoo and placed it on the face of another actor … This unauthorised exploitation of the Original Tattoo constitutes copyright infringement,” the complaint stated.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. responded in court saying that Whitmill‘s claim has no legal precedent. According to reports, the studio is relying on the “fair use” defense, claiming that the use of the tattoo in the movie is a form of parody.

Furthermore, Whitmill is also challenging the use of the tattoo in trailers and advertising, reports said.

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