Two opposite senators to sit together at Obama ‘State of the Union’ address 2011

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Two opposite senators were reported to have agreed to sit together during the ‘State of the Union‘ address of US President Barack Obama late this month, which will be a another breakthrough for the country’s history.

According to CNN on Sunday, the two top US senators from opposite political parties announced that they will sit together when President Obama gives his ‘State of the Union‘ address on January 25.

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Republican Senator Tom Coburn and Democratic Senator Charles Schumer were reported to have agreed to break the tradition of opposite party senators and congressmen not sitting together during the Obama State of the Union address 2011.

The announcement was made on Sunday’s NBC TV program ‘Meet the Press’, where the two senators called for political debate based on issues and ideology, instead of personal attacks.

Apparently, a lot of personal attacks and criticisms from both parties thrown to each other since the Arizona shooting occurred last week that killed six people including a 9-year old girl, and wounding 13 others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Senator Schumer admitted that sitting with Senator Coburn during Obama’s ‘State of the Union‘ address will be symbolic, saying that ‘everything gets a little bit more civil’.

“We believe in discourse in America, we believe in strenuous discourse,” Senator Schumer was quoted in saying.

“We don’t sweep differences under the rug. Tom and I have real differences, but we can do it civilly.” The Democratic senator added.

“What we can’t question is the president’s love for our country,” Senator Coburn said. “When we get in trouble is when we question motive rather than ideology.”

Reports added Senator Mark Udall, D-Colorado, sent a letter last week to congressional leaders to suggest that opposite party congressmen to sit together during the ‘State of the Union‘ address of President Obama.

“As the nation watches, Democrats and Republicans should reflect the interspersed character of America itself,” according to Senator Udall’s letter.

“Perhaps, by sitting with each other for one night, we will begin to rekindle that common spark that brought us here from 50 different states and widely diverging backgrounds to serve the public good.” The statement added.

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