Two-legged cat Caffrey now recovering, after losing two legs on same side (Video)

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Two-legged cat Caffrey of England is now recovering, as shown in the video below. This is after the poor cat was hit by a car ten years ago, causing him to lost one of his hind legs. However, things seemed to have gotten worst that led to another amputation, leaving the cat with only two legs on the same side.

two-legged cat Caffrey

Two-legged cat Caffrey
Image Credit: SWNS video

As noted at Daily Mail on Friday, February 8, 2013, Caffrey is a yellow-eyed, gray Persian cat owned by Sue Greaves of Surrey, England. However, a car ran over him when he was around three years old, losing his back left leg. Caffrey‘s front left leg was also injured but it was not that bad that time.

According to the report, the incident led to a surgery worth £3,500 (around $5,400), which the owner did not hesitate to spend to save her pet. As years went by, Caffrey the Cat reportedly went on to his life despite having three legs only for the next ten years. But around four months ago, another operation was needed.

This time, veterinarians advised Sue Greaves that Caffrey‘s front left leg should also be amputated. She initially disagreed, after realizing that her cat may not be able to walk again. But Mrs. Greaves decided to give it a chance, even if she is not sure whether Caffrey can overcome the chemotherapy.

Amazingly, Caffrey the Cat was able to learn to balance while hoping using his two legs on right side. Despite being expected to spend weeks in a nursery home in Woking, Surrey to recover from his operation, it took only days for the two-legged cat to show signs of recovery.

“Everyone who sees him is astonished at what he can do. He doesn’t seem bothered at all by having only two legs.” Mrs. Greaves was quoted in the report, who spent £4,000 (around $6,200) for the second amputation. In less than two months, the two-legged cat was seen skipping with full confidence, and living like a normal cat.

Two-legged cat Caffrey, showing full recovery after losing two legs on same side
Video Credit: jonmillsswns/YouTube

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