Two High-Ranking Military Officers are the Alleged Masterminds of Carnapping Syndicate

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Manila, Philippines -Two un-named, high ranking military officers were mentioned by Chief Superintendent Leonardo Espino as masterminds of the carnapping syndicate operating in the country. This was revealed by local TV news, February 5, 2011.

According to C/Supt. Espino, the identity of the two high ranking officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or AFP,  is known to some military personnel, who refuse to testify for fear of repercussion. Espino however,  encouraged witnesses to come forward and testify.

The Dominguez brothers are suspects but they claim that the evidences were allegedly planted by the police. In view of the death of two car dealers, concerned citizens are now clamoring for more severe sanctions.

This scandal comes in the wake of yet another anomaly with AFP funds, which some retired generals are being accused of pocketing millions of pesos as outgoing gifts. Whistle blower, former state auditor, Heidi Mendoza, testified in a plunder case against retired Major General Carlos Garcia, in which some generals allegedly received millions of pesos upon retirement, while the ordinary soldier suffer in the field and endure arduous tasks beyond their call of duty.  Lt. Col. Rabusa has also revealed specific data to prove that the allegations are true.

One specific example is of a certain young officer who requested anonymity, who has not been given his supposed to be per diem for a period of one year, because of “lack of funds.” He was so disheartened to hear on nationwide TV, that it is not the lack of funds that prevented him from receiving his hard earned money, but the corruption and greediness of some of those in the upper echelon of the military.  He had an inkling there was corruption, but he had never imagined that it would be to such humongous magnitudes. No wonder, these young officers are mutinous.

Now the AFP’s dirty linen is being washed in public because of the corruption of a few officers, who had tarnished even the good name of those who have served the country with honesty and dedication. Hopefully after this scandal, the AFP will finally get rid of its scalawags.

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