Two-headed Pig in China suffers from ‘Axial Bifurcation’ (Photo)

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two-headed pig

Two-headed pig born in China
Credit: Weird Asia News

A two-headed pig was born this month at a village in Jiujiang located in the eastern part of China‘s Jiangxi province.

News reports say that the two-headed pig have two snouts, two ears and a shared eye.

The weird feature of the animal is caused by a deformity, called as “axial bifurcation.” Due to animal’s condition, a Chinese veterinarian explained that the pig may not live long.

Axial bifurcation is reportedly the result of an incomplete splitting of an embryo into two separate organisms, or twins. The deformity issue has affected both humans and animals.

In his statement to LiveScience, Michael Wagner, a researcher at Michigan State University, said that “Halfway through the process of forming twins, the embryo stops dividing.”

Researchers say that this type of deformity is the same condition that affected a two-headed bull shark published in the March issue of the Journal of Fish Biology.

Among the recent publicized deformities caused by axial bifurcation include two-headed turtles, snakes, and cats.

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