Two-headed calf born in Georgia country, rejected by mother (Video)

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A two-headed calf was recently born on January 2 in the country of Georgia, but apparently was rejected by its mother, according to international news sites on Friday.

As seen in the YouTube video below uploaded by Associated Press, the two-headed calf has four eyes and three ears and seems to be healthy so far.

The two-headed calf was said to have been born in the village of Abebad, while its mother have rejected the poor calf.

Ludmila Jgarkava, the owner who told the news that she thought her cow has given birth to twins, now feeds the two-headed calf using a feeding bottle with its mother’s milk.

However, Texas Agrilife Extension livestock specialist Joseph Paschall apparently told The New York Daily News that the two-headed cow could live if both of its ‘two heads’ are fully attached to its body, which means that if food, water, and oxygen, can easily flow through the calf.

“If the calf’s both heads are tied in physiologically, it could live a very long time. But typically, with something like that, there’s something wrong.” Mr. Paschall said.

Paschall added that one to two out of more than 35 million calves born each year come out with that kind of abnormality, in which most two-headed animals were dead before they were born.

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