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Two Filipinos Made it to the ’20 Most Stylish People in Dubai’

By on Sep 22, 2011 in Fashion, Lifestyle, Middle East Comments

Philip Abalos
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Two Filipinos have made it to the “20 Most Stylish People in Dubai,” or “20 Best Dressed People in Dubai,” as TimeOut Dubai revealed on its website, this month of September 2011.

The two Filipinos are Philip Abalos and Jose Bienvenido Balitian.

Philip Abalos is 27 years old and the “display manager of Scotch and Soda.”  According to TimeOut, his style is “casual and preppy, without the grease.”

On the other hand, Jose Bienvenido Balitian is also 27 and a “visual merchandiser/brand trainer at Symphony Style LLC.” His style is classic and contemporary.

Some of the 20 Most Stylish People in Dubai are of different nationalities like Indian, Bruneian, British, Sudanese, Iranian, and many more.

Further reports disclosed that the other “20 Most Stylish People” include: Diya Ajit, Dan Partovi, Carine Abboud, Glen Martin, Zeina Abdalla, May El Calamawy, Kharis Atkins, Joshua Cox, Nick Short, Simone Sebastian, Fay Atkins, Hisham Wyne, Saanieh Mirza, Alizey Mirza, Sean Williams, Rani Ilmi, Romana D’Annunzio, and Joseph Ong.

Readers and fashion enthusiasts are invited to click on the ‘Thumbs Up‘ icon in the website, of whoever they think is the best among them.

To date, the website reveals that Philip Abalos has earned the most ‘Thumbs-Up‘ so far, among the “20 Most Stylish People in Dubai.”

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