Two-faced kitten ‘Deucy’ dies, two days after birth in Oregon (Video)

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The two-faced kitten named “Deucy” that was born in Amity, Oregon this week, has passed away. According to KGW-TV this Thursday, Stephanie Durkee, the owner of the rare kitten told them that her beloved pet died peacefully that morning due to health complications.

Two-faced kitten

Two-faced kitten “Deucy” from Oregon
Credit: KGW-TV video

As shown in the news video below, “Deucy” was born last Tuesday, June 11, 2013 (6/11) at 6:11 a.m. with one healthy body and two faces. Durkee said that the rare kitten has been rejected by her own mother, so she decided to take care of her even brought her to a veterinarian for medical check-up.

That time, the vet said that the two-faced kitten was in good health condition and that she has no problem with her internal organs. But then, Durkee said she was amazed with the series of coincidences related to her birth, considering the time and the date, which also happens to fall on a Gemini astrological sign.

And as neighbors and media flocked to their home to see the cuteness of the kitten, Stephanie noted that she had been feeding “Deucy” with kitten formula milk every two hours using a syringe. The rare “Janus” kitten is being placed in a comfortable and warm drawer, and was even stronger than her two other siblings.

Apparently, there had been earlier reports of almost the same situations. Back in July 2012, a kitten with two faces named Gemini was born in Rhode Island. It also has 24 toes: seven on each of the two front paws and five on each on the back paws. The tiny kitten died, just days after he was was born.

Just last February, a two-faced kitten named Harvey Dent was born in Port Charlotte, Florida, but died two days later. However, there are rare cases when kittens with two faces survive longer. In September 2011, the Guinness World Records awarded ‘Frank and Louie” for being the longest living two-faced cat at the age of 12. Unlike “Deucy,” that cat has two faces, but only one head and brain.

News reports about the two-faced kitten that was born in Oregon
Credit: KGW-TV

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