Two Asteroids To Swing Close By Earth Today

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Two Asteroids To Pass By Earth

No need to panic. We are not on the movie Armageddon. According to reports, two asteroids will swing so close to the Earth today. Not too close to hit the Earth, but close enough to pass between us and the orbit of the moon.

The asteroids will not be visible to the naked eye, but a reasonable-sized amateur telescope should be able to spot them. They are just a few meters in diameters and moves fast. One needs a sharp eye to see them.

The asteroids were discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona last Sunday morning during a routine scan of the skies.

According to NASA, asteroid 2010 RX30 will fly by Earth first at about 5:51AM EDT. Asteroid 2010 RF12 will pass a few hours later at 5:12PM EDT.

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