Twitter: Press Complaints Commission to Regulate Tweets by Reporters as Super-injunctions by Celebrities Difficult too to Impose?

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Twitter is under fire for an alleged defiance of a super-injunction by a football player. Press Complaints Commission (PCC) believes that some tweets are part of a “newspaper editorial product,” and distinguished between private tweets. As such, PCC may regulate these feeds tweeted by reporters and columnists. This was reported by UK news sites, May 20, 2011.

Twitter allows its members to tweet 140-word messages or mini-posts to their followers and the tweets could go viral in minutes. During the past months, several celebrities have been tweeted dead only to be proven false eventually.

Twitter has assumed major roles during the natural disasters, and the uprisings in the different countries around the world, most specifically, Egypt.

Presently however, privacy and secrecy complaints are brought out by a footballer, named only as CTB, about private information being made public at Twitter. Reportedly, a Twitter member also started naming names of celebrities, which according to the member have obtained super-injunctions.

According to experts, injunctions are difficult to impose on social media like Twitter because no clear-cut rules are created by law.

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