“Twitter” Gives Birth to True Love in Australia

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“Twitter” gives birth to true love in Melbourne, Australia where an interesting love story is unfolding, as reported by News.com.au, December 6, 2010.

The central characters are Lauren O’Grady and Andrew Sayer.  They have met through Twitter, a popular social networking site which provides a venue for users to follow each other and communicate through 140- word-messages.

It started when Sayer twitted that he wanted someone to remind him to get saline for his contact lenses.  Lauren did. They “followed” each other and gradually their tweets became constant and regular. “Follow” is a term used to indicate that members are in each other’s list and that they can read the tweets of the members whom they follow and those who follow them.

After 5 months, on December 2008, they finally met in person and from then on, they knew there was more to their relationship.  Now, after living together, they plan to marry in the presence of their Twitter friends who want to witness a “Twitter Wedding.

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