Turtle couple divorcing after 115 years of being together

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A turtle couple in an Austrian zoo is now ‘divorcing’ after 115 years of being together, which has been dubbed as the world’s oldest animal ‘marriage’, after both turtles did not want to share the same cage anymore.

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According to Austrian Times on Friday, June 8, 2012, two giant turtles Bibi and Poldi have been a pair for 115 years and have lived together at a Basel zoo in Switzerland before they were transferred to the Klagenfurt zoo, where they stayed for 36 years; but separated due to ‘irreconcilable differences’.

As noted in the report, the zoo management has already asked the assistance of animal experts, who gave the turtle couple some ‘counseling’, and fed them with romantic good mood food and tried to get them to join in joint games, but could not bring back their ‘mutual feelings’ again.

Apparently, zoo officials said they started to notice their ‘love quarrel’ after they saw Bibi attacking Poldi a lot of times for no reason at all, and even biting off a chunk of his shell, and was only stopped after she was transferred to another cage.

The two giant turtles, which weigh about 100 kilos each, have no teeth but rather have a horn rimmed mouth and a powerful jaw which can cause serious damage to each other, which zoo officials are concerned if they will not be separated as soon as possible.

“They are both 115 years old – they have been together since they were young and grew up together, eventually becoming a pair. But for no reason that anyone can discover, they seem to have fallen out. They just can’t stand each other.” Klagenfurt zoo boss Helga Happ was quoted in the report.

“We get the feeling they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore. We have staff talking to and trying to engage the two in interacting, and we hope that they might find their harmony again.” Happ added, noting that it is very rare that two animals that have been together for a very long time will still fall apart.

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