Tunnel of Lights Japan: More Than 7 Million LED Lights Used In The Display (Photos)

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Tunnel of Lights in Japan

Tower of lights in Japan
Image Credit: Bored Panda / Nagashima-onsen.co.jp

A tunnel of lights in Japan made up of more than 7 million LED lights was recently opened, international news sites reported on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

According to a report from Bored Panda, the tunnel of lights is located in the Nabana no Sato garden on the island of Nagashima in Kuwana.

All the 7 million LED lights used in the tunnel are solar-powered, Tree Hugger noted.

The tower of lights was already named “the best light show in the country” and visitors can visit the site until the end of March, 2013, reports said.

Below are some pictures of the tower of lights as featured on Bored Panda. Use the navigation links to see more images:

Tunnel of Lights In Japan
Credit: Bored Panda / Nagashima-onsen.co.jp

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