Tunisia Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi resigns, as protests continue

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Tunisia interim Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi has resigned from his post as street protests continue in the past few days, according to international news sites on Sunday.

Tunisia PM Mohammed Ghannouchi
Photo credit: AllVoices.com

Ghannouchi, who was leading Tunisia since President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali fled the country on January 14, announced his resignation in a news conference shown on state TV.

“I have decided to quit as prime minister,” Ghannouchi was quoted as saying in his lengthy speech, adding that his resignation was supported by his family, who has been serving the country since 1999.

Meanwhile, the street protesters were demanding his resignation as being seen as a close ally of the ousted president.

Reports said three people were killed with dozens others wounded during the clash versus the security forces of the government.

Apparently, an election is being scheduled this coming July where the government announced political reforms.

However, the demonstrators who flocked Tunis, the country’s capital, say they believed that the situation will still be the same as during the time of President Ben Ali.

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