Tsunami Flotsam Becoming Radioactive Unlikely, Could Reach West Coast Next Year

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Curt Ebbesmeyer
Curt Ebbesmeyer
Image Credit: AP / CBSNews.com

According to several news reports on Friday, tsunami flotsam, the wreckage floating in the water, could hit the shores of the West Coast as early as next year.

Curt Ebbesmeyer, a Seattle oceanographer was quoted saying that the floating wreckage will probably be brought by currents off of Japan toward California, Washington and Oregon before it turns toward Hawaii and goes back again toward Asia.

According to James Hevezi, chair of the American College of Radiology Commission on Medical Physics, the possibility of having any of these materials to become radioactive when it hit the West Coast is unlikely.

“It would be very low risk. The amount that would be on the stuff by the time it reached the West Coast would be minimal,” Hevezi was quoted saying.

According to reports, much of the debris will be plastic because it does not completely break down.

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