Donald Trump: Obama Misses Deadline, $5M Charity Donation (Video)

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Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump
Image Credit: Facebook

Donald Trump announced on Twitter that US President Barack Obama missed his extended deadline on Thursday, November 1, 2012. Obama is seeking a second term against Republican candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday’s 2012 US Presidential elections.

Trump earlier offered to donate $5 million to any charity chosen by the Obama if the US President will release his college and passport records.

On Wednesday, October 31, Trump extended his deadline to Obama until 12 noon of Thursday, November 1.

However, Obama did not gave in to Trump‘s offer. In response to Obama‘s snubbed of his offer, Trump initially posted a written statement on Facebook. Later, Trump posted a video response on what he called Obama‘s lack of transparency.

Below is the written statement and video of Donald Trump posted on Facebook.

Donald Trump's written response
Donald Trump’s written response to US President Barack Obama
Image Credit: Facebook

Donal Trump’s video response to US President Barack Obama
Video Credit: YouTube

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