Trend Micro Shares 2011 Threat Predictions

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Computer security firm Trend Micro shared their threat predictions for the year 2011. In the press release published in the Trend Micro website on Thursday, the global content security firm predicted that cybercriminals will put some new spin in social engineering and continue to deliver “malware campaigns” that aim to bombard users with emails and drop malicious software in their machines. They also confirmed that based on the data they collected, 3.5 new threats are released by cybercriminals every second.

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Trend Micro said that they anticipate the growing use of mobile devices in businesses; the usage of variety of operating systems in the enterprise and corporate environments and the intensive abuse of social engineering in the propagation of malicious threats by the cybercriminals will result to a profitable year 2011 for the bad guys.

“2011 will bring about a growth in exploits for alternative operating systems, programs and web browsers, combined with tremendous growth in the use of application vulnerabilities” said Trend Micro.

The Trend Micro 2011 Threat Predictions which was also posted in the TrendLabs Malware Blog further added that “Cloud computing and virtualization, while offering significant benefits and cost-savings, move servers outside the traditional security perimeter and expand the playing field for cybercriminals and increases security demands on cloud service providers”.

Trend Micro shared more other forecasts for year 2011 and beyond. Some key predictions are as follows:

  • It’s all about money, so cybercrime will not go away.
  • There will be an increase use of stolen or legitimate digital certificates in malware attacks, to avoid detection.
  • Further consolidation will happen in the cybercrime underground as groups merge and/or join forces as global and public attention for cyber attacks will grow.
  • Some security vendors will run into trouble with their inability to store all the threat information with local signatures. They will retire old signatures which will lead to infections from old/outdated malware.
  • More proof of concept and some successful attacks on mobile devices will occur

Trend Micro invited interested readers to view the full Trend Micro 2011 Threat Predictions (PDF file) published in their website.

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