Tree Rings May be Silent Witnesses About Rome’s History and that of Mankind

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Tree rings may be able to tell the history of mankind and are believed to be silent witnesses to what had occurred thousands of years ago. This is according to International news sites, January 14, 2011.

Scientists in several studies were able to establish a relationship which climate has on man’s progress or regression. Ulf Buntgen et al were able to determine this using 9,000 wooden artifacts recovered in the past 2, 500 years.

Ulf  Buntgen et al , in their study entitled , “2500 Years of European Climate Variability and Human Susceptibility,” they were able to observe that in Central Europe specifically during the  Roman Empire’s fall or prosperity, the rings were spaced far apart or tighter accordingly.

According to the team of researchers, this in turn coincided with the “demise of the Western Roman Empire and the turmoil of the Migration Period.” These data may indicate that major climate changes may affect the progress or demise of a nation.

In a way, it does have a direct connection in the sense that during inclement weather, progress is difficult and economic regression occurs.

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