Trapped Chinese Miners: Search and rescue still going on for 16 missing members

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At least 16 Chinese miners have been trapped on Saturday morning at Yuzhou City, China, the official Xinhua news agency said, as search and rescue operation is still going on.

As of this writing, the 16 Chinese miners are still missing, while at least 21 miners were killed after a blast occurred about 6 am this morning, the report said.

As of 1pm this afternoon, rescuers had already retrieved 20 bodies, while 239 miners have said to have escaped and rescued when the gas burst happened, a search and rescue team spokesman told the local press.

Meanwhile, the mine pit where the accident happened was reported to be owned by Pingyu Coal & Electric Co. Ltd., a company jointly established by four investors, including Zhong Ping Energy Chemical Group and China Power Investment Corp.

According to, Du Bo, an engineer with one of the mine’s parent companies said that miners were apparently taking measures to prevent gas bursts when the accident happened.

China’s State Administration of Coal Mine Safety head Zhao Tiechui, together with State Administration of Work Safety head Luo Lin were reported to be on their way to the site.

The mining industry in China was said to be the most dangerous in the world, in which 2,600 people were killed in accidents in 2009.

In earlier months this year, Premier Wen Jiabao has ordered mining owners to ensure safety of the miners, or will suffer from severe punishment.

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