Trapped Chilean Miners send video to families

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Finally, the Chilean miners who were trapped in a deep mine send a video message to their families.

Although the 33 men have been there for twenty-one days, they still managed to show gratitude, patriotism and some humor.

The 25-minute, high definition video shows the tragic condition of the miners, in which is to have said 2,300 feet below ground.

One miner guided the hand-held camera ahead of him, with its direction being illuminated by the light from his mining helmet. The video also showed the whole area which is about 50 square meters only, with a temperature of 29.5 degrees Celsius (85.1 degrees Fahrenheit).

“We know what you’ve all been doing for us,” said one man. “You haven’t left us alone. We want to send applause to you.” At that, the men broke into applause.

Some of the men are standing, others are lying down. “Oh, you’re sleeping on a box-spring bed,” jokes one man to another, who is sprawled out on a pile of rocks.

For a few seconds, the camera lingers over a picture of a topless woman on the wall.

Some of them put their fingers up in a “V” sign for victory, while others were shy and just smiling. One man put his hand to his face, apparently dazzled by the light.

“This is for my wife Lila, for my children and for my grandchildren,” said Mario Gomez, 63, the eldest of the trapped miners and the group’s spiritual leader.

Gomez, with more than 50 years’ experience under his belt, requested that religious figurines be lowered into the mine so that he can set up a shrine.

The video ended with the miners singing the Chilean national anthem, and shouted “Chile! Chile! Chile!” as they ended the song.

Families and relatives of the trapped miner cried after watching the video, but were confident that their loved ones will be safely brought up back to the ground.

Meanwhile, it may still take about 3~4 months before they can be finally rescued, but still not sure.

On the other hand, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera told the miners that they would be out before Christmas.

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