Trapped Chilean Miners Rescue Mission Accomplished: Luis Urza last miner rescued

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The trapped Chilean miners rescue is now a mission accomplished, as the last miner Luis Urza was finally rescued, less than 24 hours since the first miner Florencio Avalos was rescued.

According to live updates from international news, Luis Urza has been successful in his travel to the ground riding the Phoenix capsule, just like the first 22 miners.

Luis Urza, who was the foreman and eventually became the captain of the ship during the 69-day ordeal, was hugged Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.

Later, the two gentlemen lead the rescuers as they sing the Chilean National Anthem.

It was Urzua himself who volunteered to be the last one to come up, and was said to have motivated the group while they they were buried 624 meters (2,047 feet) below under the San Jose mine.

The 54-year old miner was also reported to have made the first contact with the authorities on August 22, already 17 days after they were trapped on the said mine.

Urza, the trapped miners’ shift supervisor, was also reported to have helped the team alive by dividing canned tuna among themselves before they were discovered.

Having Luis Urza as the last miner to be rescued at about 10 pm Wednesday (Chile time), the 22-hour rescue operation ended after the first miner Florencio Avalos was rescued shortly after Wednesday midnight (Chile time).

The Chilean people, who have witnessed live and even on their TV sets have been shouting “Chi-Chi-Chi-le-le-le” as they rejoice the success of each miner was rescued.

Each miner rescued never forgot to thank everyone and God for saving them after seeming to be on a hopeless condition.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were filled with different reactions from all over the world, from the start even at this moment, hours after the rescue has finally ended.

Nation leaders including US President Barrack Obama have been congratulating Chile as a nation, as well as their president Sebastian Pinera, for a very remarkable historical true story of hope and determination.

But while Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich somehow assumed that all trapped miners were in good health condition after their rescue, all of them will be given health treatment before they will return to their families.

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