Trapped Chilean Miners Rescue: 21 out of the 33 members have been rescued

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As of this writing, 21 out of the 33 trapped Chilean miners have been rescued, as reported live by some international news sites online.

The first miner Florencio Avalos was finally rescued shortly after Wednesday midnight (Chile time), with the help of dedicated rescuers and the especially designed Phoenix capsule.

As the world now watch a real-life human drama every time a miner has been pulled up from 624 meters (2,047 feet) below, Chile is now being highly applauded from everywhere in the world as a great history for them continuously unfold.

During their travel to safety, each miner wears dark sunglasses to protect their eyes from light, since they have been in darkness for 69 days.

With each survivor has their own stories from their fall up to their final rescue, all of them has been thankful to God and to all the members of the rescue team.

All of them, however, will still undergo medical and psychological treatment since they have suffered a lot during their ordeal under the San Jose mine.

Meanwhile, Chile President Sebastian Pinera was given a lot of praises and call from his counterparts in the world for the success of the rescue.

Bolivian President Evo Morales even went to Chile to see his fellow countryman, Carlos Maman, the fourth miner rescued; and thanked the Chilean people for saving him.

But among all who have been rescued, it was the second miner Mario Sepulveda, who attracted the media and the spectators.

Upon arriving to safety, he brought a bag of stones from the mine and gave them to the Chilean president as souvenirs.

Sepulveda even ran towards a group of rescuers and led them in song, and gave a touching and inspirational speech on a brief press conference.

And while the world is waiting for the last miner to be brought to safety, below is the complete list of the names of the 33 Chilean miners, arranged according to their sequence of rescue schedule, which was taken from BBC News.

1 Florencio Avalos
2 Mario Sepulveda
3 Juan Illanes
4 Carlos Mamani (a Bolivian)
5 Jimmy Sanchez (the youngest, 19 years old)
6 Osman Araya
7 Jose Ojeda
8 Claudio Yanez
9 Mario Gomez (the oldest, 63 years old)
10 Alex Vega
11 Jorge Galleguillos
12 Edison Pena
13 Carlos Barrios
14 Victor Zamora (he is not a miner but a driver who just went down to repair a vehicle)
15 Victor Segovia
16 Daniel Herrera
17 Omar Reygadas
18 Esteban Rojas
19 Pablo Rojas
20 Dario Segovia
21 Yonni Barrios
22 Samuel Avalos
23 Carlos Bugueno
24 Jose Henriquez
25 Renan Avalos
26 Claudio Acuna
27 Franklin Lobos
28 Richard Villarroel
29 Juan Aguilar
30 Raul Bustos
31 Pedro Cortez
32 Ariel Ticona
33 Luis Urzua (became ‘the leader of the group’ as he was able to motivate the rest since day one of their ordeal)

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