Trapped Chilean Miners reached by Plan B Team Rescue Drill Shaft

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The trapped Chilean miners was finally reached by the the rescue drill shaft, international news reported.

The Plan B team, as being called, was reported to be successful in drilling a hole downwards about 700 meters deep where 33-member of the trapped Chilean miners have been stranded 65 days ago.

The 33 trapped miners will then be lifted to final freedom one by one using a metal capsule, which is said to have a diameter of 24 inches, and may take 15 to 25 minutes per trip, reports say.

“This is an important achievement, but we still haven’t rescued anybody.” Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said.

“This rescue won’t be over until the last person below leaves this mine.” Golborne added.

However, Golborne warned that it may take three to eight days before the rescue mission shall start.

He said that engineers will first have to examine the finished shaft with a video camera to check if it can be used or not.

The shaft should be smooth and strong enough to hold the metal capsule while pulling up the trapped miners to the ground.

Meanwhile, hundreds of rescue workers have prepared a field hospital nearby which will be used to evaluate, treated with first aid, and temporarily shelter the 33 miners after all of them will be lift up.

The 33 Chilean miners were trapped due to the partial collapse of the gold and copper mine on August 5, 2010.

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