Trapped Chilean Miners: First miner Florencio Avalos has been rescued

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Finally, the first miner among the 33 trapped Chilean miners has been rescued, and his name is Florencio Avalos, as international news reports live from Chile.

Ávalos, 31, has been brought up to the surface shortly after midnight in Chile, as the customized Phoenix capsule was his ‘vehicle’ to safety.

Right after Avalos went out from the capsule, he immediately hugged his family, and later Chile President Sebastian Pinera, and was quoted at BBC News as saying that ‘this has fulfilled the Chilean dream’.

While traveling upwards, Florencio Avalos had to wear dark sunglasses to protect his eyes from camera lights since he along with other 32 miners has been living in darkness for 69 days.

This historical event is being broadcast live by Chilean television, along with international news like BBC News and CNN, will be followed until the last miner will be saved.

Meanwhile, the first Chilean miner rescued was immediately brought away for medical check-up.

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