Trapped Beluga Whales: 100 Beluga Whales At Risk

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Beluga Whales
Beluga Whales
Image Credit: ZUMA Press

Around 100 Beluga whales were reportedly trapped in ice floes in the Sinyavinsky Strait off the Bering Sea near the village of Yanrakynnot.

BBC reported on December 15, 2011 that Chukotka Governor Roman Kopin requested Russia’s local authorities to send an icebreaker team to free the trapped whales.

It is feared that the Beluga whales also known as white whales will be at risk of rapid exhaustion and ultimately death by starvation or suffocation if not rescued soon.

“The whales could not swim to clear water because of the 4 to 6 inches of thick ice covering a channel in the Bering sea. Given the lack of food and the speed at which the water is freezing, all the animals are threatened with exhaustion and death,” a statement on the website for the Chukotka Autonomous Region said.

Meanwhile, the Chukotka government said in a report that a Russian ice-breaking tug is within the area helping a Korean cargo ship. It was said that it could bring help to the whales, but the rescue tug would take an estimated sail time of two days for it to reach the trapped whales.

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