Trampolining bulldog ‘Mudd’ goes viral (Video)

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Mudd the Bulldog is now known for being a trampolining bulldog, after a video of him jumping on a trampoline was uploaded at YouTube, as shown below, and is now going viral.

trampolining bulldog

Trampolining bulldog ‘Mudd’
Image Credit: stormy050607/YouTube video

The trampolining bulldog video, which was uploaded on Monday, September 10, has already been mentioned in various famous sites such as Buzzfeed, MSN, Daily Mail, Radar Online, and The Huffington Post. It has more than 415,000 views as of this posting, with nearly 5,000 likes.

On the first part of the 1:23 minute video titled “Presenting…..Mudd.” with a short description “The Wonder Dog,” a man was seen lifting the brown and white bulldog and put it inside a trampoline with a safety net. The dog immediately went crazy barking and jumping on it.

Mudd the Bulldog went on bouncing like he has springs in his paws, flipping, jumping, rolling, and barking, with his ears wagging with excitement; and his masters can be heard laughing loud. During some of his fun moments, the trampolining bulldog bounces his head on the floor but did not seem to be hurting himself.

Apparently, the dog pauses a couple of times but went back on doing his back and side flips and other entertaining moves, with most video commentators noting that they find it very amusing especially for a bulldog like Mudd.

Mudd the Bulldog, jumping in a trampoline
Video Credit: stormy050607/YouTube

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