Train Crash In Oschersleben, Germany Took 10 lives and Injured Nearly 50

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Train Crash In Oschersleben Near Saxony-Anhalt In Germany
Image Credit: Jens Schlueter/AP Photo/dapd

A train crash in Oschersleben in Germany has been reported to have taken 10 lives and have injured around 50 people. According to a German news agency DAPD, the incident is a head-on crash between a passenger train and a freight train. It happened near Hordorf village, close to Saxony-Anhalt‘s state capital Magdeburg in Germany.

Regional police spokesman Frank Kuessner said that there is no immediate information at this stage about the cause of the accident which happened late Saturday evening. Investigation is being conducted by authorities to know whether it is a technical defect or a human error that caused both train to collide.

The passenger train which was travelling from the city of Magdeburg to Halberstadt was identified as the HarzElbeExpress (HEX) train. Meanwhile, the freight train was said to be operated by a private company carrying lime.

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