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Traffic enforcer rewarded and promoted for questioning QC mayor’s violation

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Quezon City, Philippines – A traffic enforcer was rewarded and even promoted to supervisor after he questioned his city mayor for a traffic violation on New Year’s Eve.

According to local news, traffic enforcer Sol Botillo noticed a Ford Expedition beating the red light on the intersection of Kamuning and Tomas Morato roads in Quezon City on New Year’s Eve, while assisting some children in crossing the street.

When the car window rolled down, the traffic enforcer asked the driver for his license, but did not recognize the face of the violator since it was already past six in the evening and starting to get dark.

But when the driver spoke and apologized for his violation, Mr. Botillo was somehow confused since the voice sounds familiar to him, who was none other than Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

“Sabi ko, parang boses ni Mayor Bautista yon ah. Tapos sabi ko sa driver, sir! Ikaw pala yan, pasensya na po sa abala,” (I told myself, the voice seem to be from Mayor Bautista. Then, I told him that I was sorry for the inconvenience) Sol Botillo told the news.

The confused Botillo, who has been spending nearly a decade in his profession, let go the driver but remembered that he was told to report to his office on Monday.

The 47-year old traffic cop later shared his story to his friend who said it is quite impossible for the mayor to drive alone and without an escort behind.

But the next morning, a man went to their house and claimed that he was sent by the mayor to remind him about his appointment to Mayor Bautista; this is only time that Botillo realized that it was indeed the mayor he met last night.

The following Monday, which is the first working day of the year, Botillo was asked by Mayor Bautista to join him in front during the flag ceremony, praised him in front of the city officials for performing his job well, and gave him a cash reward of P10,000.

Mayor Herbert Bautista again apologized for his traffic violation, and explained that his car that time was caught in an awkward position so he decided to beat the red light.

“Naisip kong bigyan ng citation kasi dapat tularan siya ng ibang mga traffic aide dahil ginagawa niya ng maayos ang kanyang trabaho,” (I thought of giving his a citation since performing his job well should be imitated by other traffic aides.) The city mayor said.

Later, the city’s Department of Public Order and Safety promoted Sol Botilla to a supervisory position, who says he admire the mayor for being humble and generous.

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