Toyota, Nissan and Honda Close Quake-Hit Plants

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Tokyo, Japan, March 12, 2011 – The earthquake that triggered Sendai Japan East, and the continued aftershocks being experienced by Japan had made three top automakers to halt their operations.

Toyota informs through their website that their plants have started their production except for their subsidiary plants. Toyota subsidiary plants are those that produces parts and vehicles, as follows:

  • Toyota Motor Hokkaido Plant
  • Toyota Motor Tohoku Plant
  • Central Motor Corporation Miyagi Plant, which also produces the Yaris model.
  • Kanto Auto Works Iwate Plant, which also produces the Scion xB and Scion xD.

Nissan said through their official news site that they have halted their five plants operations in Northeastern Japan until March 13, 2011. Resumption of all operations will be decided after the results of all assessments to be conducted today, which will also include suppliers’ assessment.

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has confirmed the fatality of a Honda R&D associate at the Tochigi R&D Center, when a wall collapsed in a cafeteria. The associate was male, 43 years old.

The following Honda plants have closed, and will remain closed through Monday.

  • Tochigi Engine, transmission and chassis parts.
  • Saitama Two plants: Sayama plant in the Saitama factory produces CR-V, Accord, U.S. Fit, Acura RL and TSX. In addition, Ogawa Plant in the Saitama factory produces automobile engines.
  • Hamamatsu Two plants — automobile transmissions, outboard marine engines.
  • Suzuka operated Friday, will not be in production Monday. This factory produces Japan Fit, Civic, Civic Hybrid, Insight and Honda CR-Z (all hybrid models).
  • Kumamoto Factory in southern Japan remains in operation (motorcycles).

Honda in Japan is assessing the resumption of their operations and the long-term impact to its operations.

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