Toxic Sludge from Hungary reached Danube River (Video)

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After a toxic sludge burst on Monday from an aluminum plant in Ajka, in Hungary; it is now being reported to have reached Danube River.

The plant’s reservoir, which is about 100 miles south-west of Budapest was said to have collapsed and a toxic sludge poured fast to three villages killing at least four people.

Danube, also the second longest river in Europe connects several countries including Croatia, Serbia and Romania, in which emergency officials say they might be hit by the toxic sludge, according to reports.

Meanwhile, tests results show that the red sludge flowing into the Danube River has no dangerous heavy metal levels, Hungarian scientists told the media.

Apparently, Hungary‘s national disaster management official said that the pH level of the sludge, originally above 12, but now it is below 10. A harmless level was said to be between 6 and 8.

The damaged reservoir has since been fixed and the flow of the toxic sludge already stopped, reports say.

But still, the toxic in rivers continuous to be a threat to human needs like drinking water, fish, and wildlife.

Below is the video from You Tube of the running toxic sludge in Hungary.

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