Toxic Candy Recall: FDA Recalls Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Candy Bars Due To High Lead Content

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Toxic Waste Candy
Toxic Waste Candy Sour Apple Flavor
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Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars candy imported from Pakistan has been recalled by Candy Dynamics of Indianapolis due to high level content of lead.

The problem has been identified in a recent test performed by the California Department of Public Health. A 0.24 parts per million of lead has been found from a batch of cherry-flavored bars being tested in which only 0.1 parts per million is being allowed by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA issued a press release on Thursday, January 13, 2011 regarding the recall of the toxic candy that could potentially cause health problems, particularly for infants, small children, and pregnant women.

According to the press release, the company is recalling all lots and all flavors of the product distributed from the product’s inception in 2007 through January 2011 for safety measures.

The toxic candy products being recalled were Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Cherry Chew Bar, Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Sour Apple Chew Bar, and Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Blue Raspberry Chew Bar.

Meanwhile, no reports of illnesses have been reported in relation with this problem.

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