Total Lunar Eclipse on December 21, Awaited by Sky watchers

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According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, there would be a total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010; this is awaited by sky watchers who would be able to witness a rare celestial phenomenon.

The total phase of the eclipse is expected to last for more than 3 hours.  It would be visible in North and Western South America, Greenland, Iceland, Baja Mexico and Scandinavia.  Sky watchers in North America, Iceland and Greenland would be able to enjoy a great view of the whole lunar eclipse. For Asia, and the rest of Europe, it will not be visible.

The eclipse will actually start in the evening of December 20, and will progress slowly until December 21.

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NASA released the exact time for the major eclipse stages to occur.  These are as follows:

Penumbral Eclipse Begins     05:29:17 UT

Partial Eclipse Begins:            06:32:37 UT

Total Eclipse Begins:              07:40:47 UT

Greatest Eclipse:                     08:16:57 UT

Total Eclipse Ends:                 10:01:20 UT

Penumbral Eclipse Ends:     11:04:31 UT

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