Top Visionary Cities In The World And Their Futuristic Structural Designs

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Joshua M. Bernstein of Travel + Leisure website has compiled some of the top futuristic cities in the world today. Among those included in his list are the fast-growing Abu Dhabi,  and Brazil‘s Bus Rapid Transit system in the city of Curitiba.

Below is Bernstein‘s complete collection of the top visionary cities in the world.

  • Paik Nam June Media Bridge in Seoul

This bridge connects Seoul’s Dang-Li power plant with the National Assembly Building. The solar-powered bridge have gardens, a library, museum, and stores. Tentative schedule of construction is set in 2012.

Image Credit: Planning Korea

  • Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

Once completed, the city of Masdar will be the world’s most sustainable urban setting because: it will be powered by solar and wind energy; recycle the majority of its wastewater; and attempt zero waste by transforming biological waste into soil and fertilizer. The perimeter wall around Masdar will shield the city from desert winds at bay and the shaded streets will cover everyone from the heat of the sun. Only electric vehicles are allowed to ply the streets of Masdar. The full operation of the city is estimated to be in 2020.

  • Sochi Olympic Stadium in Sochi, Russia

The Sochi Olympic Stadium shaped like a shell to remind of the country’s famous Fabergé eggs is being built for the 2014 Winter Olympics. The walls and roof of the stadium are wrapped with a semitransparent, crystalline skin that reflects sunlight shimmering off the nearby Black Sea and can be illuminated at night. The stadium also offers a gorgeous view of the Krasnaya Polyana mountains.

  • Floating Observatories in Taichung, Taiwan

In 2012, Taiwan’s third largest city, will start building the Floating Laboratory shaped like a tree trunk. The skyscraper’s eight “leaves” are super-lightweight, helium-filled observational decks that glide up and down the side of the building to provide a good view of the city and the Taiwan Strait.

  • Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid in Tokyo

The Mega-City Pyramid which is an Egypt inspired design aims to solve the housing problem in the area. The structure is expected to house at least 750,000 people that would travel around via Personal Rapid Transit pods. These space-age, lightweight materials required to build the pyramid are still being developed.

  • Bus Rapid Transit in Curitiba, Brazil

The implementation of this transport system aims to eliminate traffic in the metropolis. Paying for low cost fares before the ride has speed up loading in the long, centipede-like buses.

Other notable futuristic ideas include:

  • Tallinn, Estonia: Public Internet
  • Cleveland: Urban Farming
  • Dezhou, China: Energy Grid
  • Hangzhou, China: Bike-Share Program
  • Paris: Public Housing
  • Detroit: Urban Farming
  • London: The Shard
  • Amsterdam: Electric Cars
  • Minneapolis: Public Internet Access
  • Qatar: World Cup Soccer Stadiums
  • Pacific Ocean: Green Float
  • The Ocean: SeaScraper
  • The Ocean: The Gyre

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