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Top 10 World’s Most Populated Countries in 2025, 2050, India leads, Philippines 10th, US Census Bureau predicts

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US Census Bureau released on Monday, June 27, 2011 its prediction for the Top 10 world’s most populated countries in 2025 and 2050, with India leading and Philippines on the 10th place in 2050.

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Top 10 World’s Most Populated Countries in 2011,
2025 and 2050, as estimated by US Census
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According to a table released by US Census Bureau, India will be world’s most populated country in and 2025; with China to be the second and US will be the third.

Apparently, the same ranking will be the same in 2050 but Philippines will be on the tenth place in the list of Top 10 world’s most populated countries that year, which now ranks No. 12.

For the Top 10 2011 world’s most populated countries, China ranks No. 1 and India is on the second spot, but their rankings were said to be interchanged in 2025 and 2025.

As shown in the table, India is being predicted to have a population of 1,657 million in 2050, with China and US to have 1,304 million and 423 million, respectively.

Meanwhile, Philippines is being predicted to be elevated to the 11th place in 2025, from a population of 102 million this year to 129 million in 2025 and 172 million in 2050.

Other countries which landed in the 2011 Top 10 world’s most populated countries are Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Japan, with Mexico, Philippines and Ethiopia included in the Top 13.

However, both Russia and Japan are being predicted to drop from the Top 10 in 2025 and will drop more in 2050, while Ethiopia which now ranks 13th will climb fast in the succeeding decades.

As noted by the agency, these findings were derived from the population estimates and projections for 228 countries and areas, along with the population size and growth, fertility, mortality and net migration.

Nevertheless, US Census Bureau noted that the current data will be updated as new data become available, with the said agency doing the world population estimation for more than 50 years.

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