Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes In 2011 Revealed By Forbes: Tiger Woods Still No. 1

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Tiger Woods: 2011 Highest Paid Athlete In the World
Tiger Woods: 2011 Highest Paid
Athlete In the World

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Tiger Woods retains the honor of being the highest paid athlete in the world as revealed by the recently released list of the World’s 50 Highest-Paid Athletes by Forbes.

Because of his November 2009 troubles, Woods have lost top sponsors that include Accenture, AT&T, Gillette and PepsiCo. He is now down in the world golf rankings at 13th. These factors and many others led to the decline of Woods‘ earnings to the $50 million level during the past two years.

However, Woods was able to maintain the top rank as the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2011 as he earned $75 million over the past 12 months. Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers is in distant second with $53 million.

Woods was able to maintain the top ranking because of this long term contract with Nike, worth $40 million, and Electronic Arts.

Bryant heads the long list of basketball players included in the list of top 50 highest paid athletes in the world. Bryant started endorsing Turkish Airlines and Mercedes-Benz’s Smart Car this year to raise his total earnings in 2011. He is receiving $24.8 million as a player of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Miami Heat forward LeBron James is ranked number three in the Forbes list with $48 million in earnings over the past year.

According to Forbes, “earnings figures are derived from salaries, bonuses, prize money, appearance fees, licensing and endorsement income in the 12 months ending May 1. We do not deduct taxes or agents’ fees.”

The 50 highest-paid athletes in the list has a combined earnings of $1.4 billion, or an average of about $28 million. This years earnings of top athletes declined by 11 percent compared from a year ago due mainly to Woods’ and Floyd Mayweather‘s drop in earnings.

The NFL lockout since March 2011 has also been a significant factor in the decline of athlete earnings this year.

Below is the Top 10 list of athletes who made it to Forbes list of highest paid athletes in the World in 2011.

  1. Tiger Woods, $75 Million
  2. Kobe Bryant, $53 Million
  3. LeBron James, $48 Million
  4. Roger Federer, $47 Million
  5. Phil Mickelson, $46.5 Million
  6. David Beckham, $40 Million
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo, $38 Million
  8. Alex Rodriguez, $35 Million
  9. Michael Schumacher, $34 Million
  10. Lionel Messi, $32.3 Million

See the complete Forbes list of 50 highest paid athletes in the world here.

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