Tomato Revolution In Bulgaria Inspired By Poet Nikolay Kolev

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A “Tomato Revolution” against corruption gains momentum in Bulgaria as hundreds of Bulgarians protested in front of the parliament building on Saturday, November 24, 2012, some of them throwing tomatoes, international news sites reported that day.

According to reports, the Tomato Revolution was inspired by Nikolay Kolev, a 61-year-old poet who was detained briefly on Tuesday after he threw a tomato at the parliament building in the capital Sofia.

“I wanted to give an example of how to protest,” Kolev reportedly said.

Protesters waved banners saying “Stop political hyprocrisy.” They were kept too far away from the parliament building by the police to prevent them from hitting the building with their tomatoes.

The protesters vowed that Tomato Revolution would grow ahead as the parliamentary election approaches on July next year, reports said.

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