Tom Cruise and Church of Scientology in FBI Probe, as Paul Haggis Reveals “Secrets”

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Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology “secrets” were revealed by Paul Haggis, a former scientologist. According to various news sites, February 9, 2011, Haggis has disclosed that the church has been allegedly paying working members only $50 a week.

There was also the revelation that the labor of Tom Cruise’s two motorcycles and an SUV have not been paid.   David Miscavige said however, that the allegations were not true because Cruise has contributed generously to the church.

This was not the first time there were complaints against the church. Just recently, a case of human trafficking was filed against them but it did not hold water.

Former scientologists spoke about abuse occurring within the Church of Scientology and that the FBI’s probe should intensify.  Tom Cruise has not reacted yet. On the other hand, church members firmly defended their stand in favor of the church.

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