Tokyo Tuna auction sale records Y32.49 million (nearly $400,000)

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A huge bluefin tuna was sold in an auction in Tokyo with a record sale of Y32.49 million, or nearly $400,000, according to international news sites on Wednesday.

The first bidding in Japan for 2011, which started on Tuesday ended up on Wednesday with a whooping Y32.49 million (almost $400,000) for the 342-kilogram bluefin tuna.

The auction, which was held at Tsukji fish market in Tokyo or also called Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, had more than 500 fish on pallets placed on the concrete floor.

Apparently, this latest tuna auction is now the highest so far since in 1999 and surpassed the previous record of Y20.2 million back in 2001.

Meanwhile, sushi restaurant operators from Tokyo and Hong Kong have joined forces to place the highest bid and eventually won, who were reported to be winning for the third consecutive year.

Japan is widely known as a top consumer of tuna fish as well as all kind of seafood, and bluefin tuna is being considered today as endangered and rare which makes it even more very expensive.

Nevertheless, reports said that the participation of the Chinese in placing the highest bid this year was a solid proof that bluefin tuna is getting more popular in China.

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