Tokidoki Barbie tattoos create controversy, parents react (Photo)

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A Barbie doll limited edition with tattoos, as shown in the photo below, created controversy after some parents reacted against her modern fashion style.


Tokidoki Barbie with tattoos
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As noted in US news sites on Wednesday, October 19, 2011, the Tokidoki Barbie doll was designed by the “Los Angeles-based fashion brand” and was recently sold for $50 at Barbie Collector website.

According to, the tattooed Barbie doll, designed by Simone Legno, went on sale last Thursday, October 13 and is currently sold-out, and customers are being invited to return this coming November for another batch.

The tattooed Barbie wore a black off-the-shoulder sweater with skull and cross bones stitched on it, a leopard leggings and a pale pink bob, also with a cactus-covered companion named ‘Bastardino‘.

Apparently, Barbie tattoos include a tiger tattoo on the neck and flowers and others on her chest and shoulders with all of them on permanent ink, unlike in the ‘Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie‘ in 2009 where her tattoos were removable.

Meanwhile, some parents who were interviewed in the news as well as blog commentators notably disagree with the Barbie tattoos and vowed not to buy the doll their children.

“If I give it to [my daughter] she will think [tattoos are] okay. She may want to go get some,” Virginia resident Bill Smith was quoted during the ABC 13 News interview.

“It’s teaching kids to want tattoos before they are old enough to dress like that,” Kevin Buckner, another Virginia resident, also told the station.

On the other hand, Shoptwixt site, which also wrote about the tattooed Barbie, also received numerous negative comments but some of them wished to remain anonymous.

“Is Mattel crazy? Selling Barbie dolls with tattoos? That was almost as bad as having a pregnant Barbie or Skipper! Can’t really believe this at all!” Anonymous said.

“I think it is horrible and sends the wrong message to young people. In no way should a tattoo be honored. It is a lifetime brand which will fade and droop over time as the skin ages.” Jerry said.

“Im 20 years old, and I want one. But if I was a mother I wouldn’t buy one for my daughter. This seems to be sending out the wrong message.” Anonymous said.

Nevertheless, toymaker Mattel was quoted in a statement saying that the Barbie doll with tattoos is not intended for children, rather for Barbie‘s adult collectors.

Back in 1999, Mattel released a Butterfly Art Barbie doll with a permanent tattoo on her stomach. The company withdrew them from the US market after receiving tons of complaints from parents.

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