Toilet paper ads: Brothers Jordan and Byran Silverman debuts sale of toilet papers with ads (Video)

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Brothers Jordan and Byran Silverman, co-founders of Star Toilet Paper, recently started selling their unique products, toilet papers with ads, which is now being placed in public restrooms of restaurants and other establishments in the United States. Below is the video of the interview to them by Jeanne Moos of CNN.

Brothers Jordan (left) and Byran Silverman, with
their unique product, toilet papers with ads

Image Credit: Deborah Silverman/Star Toilet Paper

As noted at New York Daily News on Sunday, August 19, 2012, Jordan, 22, and Bryan, 18, have already secured a patent for their toilet paper ads in 2010 and are now working with 50 advertisers to be their clients, which range from big companies to smaller ones like a local doctor’s office.

According to the report, Jordan, who recently graduated from University of Michigan, arrived with the idea of putting ads on toilet paper about two years ago when he was looking on a bathroom wall at the Ann Arbor, Michigan campus, and later decided to establish the Star Toilet Paper company with his brother.

“I was thinking that it’s one of the times that people want to read. We’ve really felt that we were on to something. It’s an unmatched active audience.” Jordan Silverman was quoted telling to the paper; noting that he immediately told his brother about his plan to put up a business for the toilet paper ads.

“A person looks at the average advertisement for two to five seconds. People will look at ours for a lot longer. We personally think our product is for everyone,” Jordan added, whose brother Byran, a sophomore at Duke University, is now among the Entrepreneur Magazine‘s ‘College Entrepreneur of the Year’ finalists.

As stated at, which has a tagline “Don’t Rush, Look Before You Flush!,” the toilet paper uses a soybean based ink, with Bryan emphasizing that it does not stick on the user’s body or in the water; and that it is only printed on the toop ply of the toilet paper, which means both sides can still be used.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos, reporting about the toilet papers with ads, interviewing Jordan and Byran Silverman
Video Credit: CNN/YouTube

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