Toilet of the future: Gates Foundation ‘Reinvent the Toilet Fair’ winners announced (Photo)

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Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 the so-called “toilet of the future”, or the Reinvent the Toilet Fair winners, wherein California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the US won the grand prize for their unique design of toilet, as shown in the photo below.

Toilet of the Future Caltech

Reinvent the Toilet contest winner, prototype designed
by California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Image Credit: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

According to a press release on the official website of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that day, Caltech was declared the first place winner, whose prototype design uses solar power and generates hydrogen and electricity, and won the $100,000 grand prize.

As noted in the report, Loughborough University of UK, whose toilet design includes producing bio-charcoal, minerals, and clean water; won second the place and $60,000 prize. University of Toronto of Canada, whose device sanitizes waste and recovers usable resources, won the third place and $40,000 prize.

On the other hand, both Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology) and EOOS received special recognition and $40,000 for their outstanding design of a toilet user interface; with the Reinvent the Toilet Fair bringing together participants from 29 countries around the world.

This “toilet of the future” design challenge was launched more than a year ago, inviting universities to create cheap toilets that can capture and process human waste without piped water, sewer, or electrical connections, and can transform human waste into useful resources, such as energy and water.

“Innovative solutions change people’s lives for the better. If we apply creative thinking to everyday challenges, such as dealing with human waste, we can fix some of the world’s toughest problems.” Bill Gates was quoted at

“Imagine what’s possible if we continue to collaborate, stimulate new investment in this sector, and apply our ingenuity in the years ahead. Many of these innovations will not only revolutionize sanitation in the developing world, but also help transform our dependence on traditional flush toilets in wealthy nations.” Gates added.

Meanwhile, the foundation also awarded $3.4 million grant to groups that will be developing another round of Reinvent the Toilet challenge, which include Cranfield University of UK, India‘s Eram Scientific Solutions Private Limited; and USResearch Triangle Institute and the University of Colorado Boulder.

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