Titanic Belfast: World’s Biggest Titanic Attraction Opens in Belfast (Video)

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Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast
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The Titanic in Belfast, Northern Ireland, reportedly the world’s biggest attraction, opens at 12 noon of Saturday, March 31, 2012. About 100,000 tickets were already sold for the first year of the Titanic Belfast, according to reports by several international news sites. The opening on March 31st coincides with the centenary commemoration of Titanic‘s sinking.

Peter Robinson, Belfast First Minister, described Titanic Belfast as “a world leader” during his visit on Friday night. Robinson said that elaborates that “anybody who looks around this facility will see that this is the cutting edge of a visitor experience.”

Titanic Belfast is “the most important tourist event of 2012” according to Martin McGuinness, Belfast Deputy First Minister. McGuinness added that he is anticipating “that this would be a world news story by this week and that has come to pass over the last 24 hours – and I think will continue to be right up to the 14/15 April when the actual Titanic sank.”

Reports say that the planning stage of the £97 million Titanic Belfast building took six years and constructed in three years. The Titanic project was reportedly completed on time and within the budget.

Below is the statement of Arlene Foster, Belfast Tourism Minister, as she described the Titanic Belfast project.

We should all be proud of and celebrate Belfast’s world famous shipbuilding and maritime history that created Titanic. It was the largest moving man-made object of its time and the many other incredible vessels that were built in Belfast by our skilled tradesmen.

I am confident that Titanic Belfast will be a visitor experience of international quality and be one of the most exciting and dramatic tourism projects opening in 2012 anywhere in the globe.

We must never forget the enormity of this tragedy or forget those who died.

Titanic Belfast features the story of Titanic from the its very beginning. It has a banquet hall with the famous staircase. Reports say that the building was designed to provide the Titanic ship experience. Modern virtual effects were used to give a virtual tour of the Titanic ship.

The following UTV video shows Titanic Belfast, world’s biggest Titanic attraction.

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