Tisha UnArmed getting dressed without arms tutorial goes viral (Video)

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Tisha UnArmed, as she calls herself on YouTube, who was born with no arms, uploaded a video, as shown below on Tuesday, September 11, 2102; where she shows how she is getting dressed without arms all by herself and using a ‘customized tool.’ Her video is now going viral and has more than 45,400 views as of this writing.

Tisha UnArmed

Tisha UnArmed, woman born without arms
Image Credit: Tisha UnArmed YouTube video

“Getting dressed in the morning can be difficult when you don’t have arms. Today I put on a simply outfit that was easy to put on, but the more I think about it. I spend a good portion of my morning getting dressed. If I decided to wear a button up shirt or tight pants it would take longer.” Tisha UnArmed wrote on her YouTube description.

“A lot of what I wear has to do with how easy it is to get on. For example I can’t wear skinny jeans; besides the fact that I just don’t like they way they look they would be extremely hard to get on and off.” Tisha added, who according to her Facebook fan page that she also her right leg is shorter than her left leg due to her femur developing curved.

“And because I use my feet I know that they don’t have much give as far as getting my foot up high enough to reach the counter. I like to wear dressed, they are super easy to get on especially the flowie ones (flowie, is flowie a word?)” Tisha explains, whose other YouTube videos show doing her daily activities even if she has no arms.

Among the other Tisha UnArmed YouTube videos include showing her unique techniques in making a sandwich, eating Sushi with chopsticks, and even doing the shower; all of them using her feet and chin. She also replies to some of her video commentators, which she said she will explain later in a separate video.

Tisha UnArmed getting dressed without arms
Video Credit: Tisha UnArmed/YouTube

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