Tippy The Fainting Squirrel Youtube Video Goes Viral

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A video of “Tippy the Fainting Squirrel” has gone viral and has been shared and talked about on different social networking sites.

The video, embedded below, shows a squirrel that keeps on falling to the ground or fainting every couple of seconds before going back to his senses and continue eating his nuts. They called him “Tippy” because of this behavior.

Is he drunk? Is he sick? Why is he fainting? Did he just ate too many nuts? Is he unbalanced? Or is he just tired? These are some of the questions people are asking. Others find him cute while others are worried about the squirrel’s health situation.

The Youtube video already has 300,000+ views as it is continuously being shared. What do you think is wrong with Tippy?

Watch the video of “Tippy The Fainting Squirrel” below.

Tippy The Fainting Squirrel
Credit: Youtube / Honor Via

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