Tiniest Chameleon: “Brookesia Micra” World’s Tiniest Chameleon Found (Photos)

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World's Tiniest Chameleon
Brookesia Micra, World’s Tiniest Chameleon
Image Credit: Jörn Köhler

The world’s tiniest chameleon, “Brookesia micra” has been found by German and American researchers in the island of Nosy Hara, just off the northern coast of Madagascar, international reports said on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

Brookesia micra is one the new chameleon species that has been discovered which rank among the world’s tiniest reptiles. Reports said that it is small enough to stand on the head of a match with a size of only 24 millimeters long.

Chameleons was said to be very difficult to find during the day because they are very tiny and does not move very much, according to Frank Glaw, a scientist at the Zoological State Collection in Munich, Germany when interviewed by an international news TV.

“The tiny new chameleons show remarkable genetic divergences between species, although superficially they closely resemble each other. This indicates that they separated from each other millions of years ago — even earlier than many other chameleon species,” said Miguel Vences, of the Technical University of Braunschweig in Germany as quoted in an article.

Meanwhile, the other two species of chameleons that has been discovered are the Brookesia desperata and the Brookesia tristis.

Brookesia micra
Brookesia micra is so small it can perch on a fingernail. [Handout] Image Credit: Toronto Sun

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