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Timothy Bradley to return belt to Manny Pacquiao, alleged Bradley Facebook says, after insisting that he won

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Updated: June 21, 2012 6:30 p.m.

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Timothy Bradley will return the WBO welterweight championship belt to Manny Pacquiao, according to his alleged Facebook page, after he earlier insisted in an interview that he clearly won the fight against the eight-division boxing champion.

Timothy Bradley’s message, saying that he
will return the belt to Manny Pacquiao

Image Credit: Alleged Timothy Bradley Facebook

“After reviewing the tape over 10 times, and listening to what all my fans and haters had to say about the fight. I have made a decision. I shall return this belt to its true, rightful owner.” A statement reads on the alleged Timothy Bradley Facebook page on Monday, June 11, 2012.

“Like and Share if you support my decision. I shall release this information to the press and media shortly…” The statement added, which is now being circulated on Facebook and some website forums and receiving mixed reactions, while a rematch is set to happen on November 10, 2012.

“I apologize for being rude yesterday, and you may believe whatever you like. But when the official statements are being announced at the conference, you will see that I am real.” A statement reads later, after some Facebook users commented that the said Facebook page is a hoax.

“Dialing Bob Arum in a couple mins to let him know about my decision. Hope he understands and not let his greed cloud his own judgement. Wish me luck.” A statement reads on the said Timothy Bradley Facebook about an hour ago, despite others continue to say that this page does not really belong to him.

Apparently, the above statements are contrary to what Timothy Bradley reportedly said on Sunday in an interview by Ring TV, where he insisted that he defeated Pacquiao “fair and square,” even though most sports writers, boxing analysts, and even a lot of celebrities said they disagree with the judges’ decision.

“Well I’ve seen the tape. I won the fight, without a doubt. You could say I won the first round, give or take the second. Lost the third, lost the fourth, lost the fifth, maybe even lost the sixth, you know, give or take.” Bradley was quoted in the said interview.

“My corner and I honestly feel that I won the fight. Fair and square. It was not controversial decision or nothing like that. It is what it is, man. The judges got it right, that’s what I feel. There were some close rounds in there that they probably gave to me.” Bradley added.

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